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Austin Lee

Miss Hogg and the Bronte Murders

Jonathan Cape 1956
Jacket design by C.W. Bacon

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IT is easier to get to Haworth today than it was when Mr, Bronte was rector there a hundred years ago. There is a ten-minute bus service from Reighley which climbs up the hih1 past Ingrow, through the picturesquely named Hermit Hole to Cross Roads, and then down into the Worth valley, past Men-all's mill to Mill Hey or Haworth Bottom. From that point, the terminus of the Keighley run, the visitor is faced with a formidable climb up a cobbled street which, having veered to the right half-way up, becomes steeper and narrower until it would seem almost impossible for modern vehicles to negotiate it. The traveller on foot who is sensible enough to arrive during what, in this Age of Regulations, are known as the permitted hours, may rest half-way up at that exceedingly pleasant hostelry, the Fleece Inn, and then, with new heart, at last reach the hub of the village where stand around the little cobbled square the Black Bull, the church, the post office, the King's Arms, the Bronte Guest House and Seth Snowden's greengrocery shop. It is possible to arrive here by bus, for the Bronte Bus Company run to Oxenhope and Stanbury and even, occasionally, to Laneshaw Bridge, but the actual times of the buses must appear to the casual visitor as a mystery not easily penetrated except by the most persistent inquirer, and even then it may turn out to be Feast Week or some other special period which throws the whole schedule back into the melting pot.

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