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Roger Simons Series Character: Inspector Fadiman Wace

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Houseboat Killings Geoffrey Bles 1959
Murder Joins the Chorus Geoffrey Bles 1960
A Frame for Murder Geoffrey Bles 1960
Gamble with Death Geoffrey Bles 1961 US edition: 1963 Roy
Arrangement for Murder Geoffrey Bles 1961 US edition: 1963 Roy
The Island Adventurer Illustrated by A. R. Whitear Heinemann 1962 Illustrated by A. R. Whitear
Not in Hubin, not crime fiction
The Killing Chase Geoffrey Bles 1962
Silver and Death Geoffrey Bles 1963
The Dolphin Sailed North Heinemann 1964 Not in Hubin, not crime fiction
Bullet for a Beast Geoffrey Bles 1964 US edition: 1965 Roy
Dead Reckoning Geoffrey Bles 1965
The Veil of Death Geoffrey Bles 1966 US edition: 1967 Roy
Taxed to Death Geoffrey Bles 1967 Dust Jacket artwork by Brian Ashpool
Death on Display Geoffrey Bles 1968 US edition: 1969 Roy
Murder First Class Geoffrey Bles 1969 Dust jacket design by C.W.Bacon
US edition: 1970 Roy
Reel of Death Geoffrey Bles 1970 Dustwrapper design by C.W.Bacon
Picture of Death Robert Hale 1973
Murder by Design Robert Hale 1974

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Roger Simons Biography - Information About the Author
Roger Simons is the pen name used by two authors, Margaret Punnett (born 1932) and Ivor Macaulay Punnett.
Books published in America noted when applicable.
Chief Detective Inspector Fadiman Wace and Sergeant Crow appear in all titles I believe.
Nice copies in collectable condition with dust jackets are not common.
Most jacket artwork is pedestrian but Bacon's Reel of Death is up to his usual high standard.

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