Jonathan Latimer

Headed for a Hearse

Methuen 1936
Artwork by CWB - Bacon

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Jonathan Latimer     CWB - Bacon

HERE is an author new to England who proves himself a master of the macabre and grotesque. His writing belongs to the hard-boiled school, with a touch of sardonic humour, that makes it thoroughly distinctive. His investigator, William Crane, has a method and a manner all his own. Crane is called in to clear Robert Westland, who has been convicted of murder on a framed-up charge. Aided by a lirne-squeezer, a quart of whisky, a monkey wrench, a stop-watch and a deep-sea diver, Crane manages to prove his client's innocence in the necessary six days. Some very queer characters have some very queer things to hide, but none are proof against this efficient whirlwind of a detective. The book is a choice of America's Crime Club.

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