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Georgette Heyer

Duplicate Death

Heinemann 1951
Jacket artwork by CWB (Bacon)

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Georgette Heyer     CWB Bacon

Duplicate Death is Georgette Heyer's first thriller since Envious Casca appeared in 1941. And Duplicate Death is a thriller that it was well worth waiting ten years for! It is a story of a double murder, of a game of Duplicate Bridge which leads to duplicate death. Both victims were strangled by the same sinister method. Yet were these identically contrived crimes done by the same hand? What was the connection between the first victim, that mysterious man of the world, and the second victim, an ambitious and somewhat overpowering widow with her foot firmly planted upon the social ladder? These are two of the problems Miss Heyer sets her readers. The possible solutions are for the reader to surmise and eventually to discover. He will also recognise the hand of a skilled novelist; some shrewdly observed characters in the modern scene, and a first-rate story full of tense action, well spiced with humour.

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