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The Great Detectives

The Leading Characters of Detective Fiction

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Uncle Abner
Roderick Alleyn
John Appleby
Lew Archer
Dr David Audley

Martin Beck
Modesty Blaise
Sexton Blake
Dame Beatrice Bradley
Dave Brandstetter
Father brown

Brother Cadfael
Albert Campion
Charlie Chan
Inspector Cockrill

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Sherlock Holmes
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The Great Detectives - By the Authors Themselves
The pages give a unique insight as they are written by the actual authors

Not only very interesting but also rare text
R Austin Freeman on Dr Thorndyke          GDH & M Cole on Superintendent Wilson     Sax Rohmer on Dr Fu Manchu    

Baroness Orczy on The Scarlet Pimpernel     Rupert Grayson on Gun Cotton     Sydney Horler on Tiger Standish    

Francis Grierson on Professor Wells     Freeman Wills Crofts on Inspector French     HC Bailey on Mr Fortune     EC Bentley on Trent    

AEW Mason on Hanaud     Sapper on Bull-Dog Drummond      Leslie Charteris on The Saint     Anthony Wynne on Dr Hailey    


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