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GK Chesterton

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GK Chesterton Father Brown and his achievement in the matter of the Moonshine Murder was considered by some "the most remarkable triumph in the history of detective science". But he was'aman remarkable for not being remarkable, round of face and body, black of garments, which looked both commonplace and jaunty, so gently genial that he is very shrewd; he had difficulty always in rolling his old umbrella with its knob like a club, or indeed m keeping it off the floor. He worked by trying to get inside possible suspects "and when I'm quite sure that I feel like a murderer, of course I know who he is". He knew who they were; we know almost nothing about him, beyond that his first name began with a J and that he popped up during a long priesthood in an extraordinary variety of places, Chicago, Paris, Hartlepool (County Durham), Cobhole (Essex), Scarborough (Yorkshire), the London borough of Camberwell, Latin America, Scotland, Norfolk, Italy, Exmoor, Cornwall, Oxford, Boston (Mass.), Spain.

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