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Anthony Price

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Doctor David Audley, created by Anthony Price, works for one of those mysterious, more or less unnamed British Intelligence outfits, and he considers himself (He is formidably intelligent) "not a field man, never had been and never wanted to be". But the Unseen Hand deals with that from time to time. As the years have gone by, we have dug further and further into his history. We know now, we who at the beginning had only a bare name, Audley, and his observant, thoughtful eyes, we know a good deal now of his earliest life, his 1939-45 War career as a young lieutenant soon caught up in great matters, a rebellious period when he tried hard to be a minor historian, an ancient family house, a strained relationship with the man he called his father. At his peak he has perhaps the subtlest mind ever to have pitted wits in the shifting world of spying and counter-spying, and he is very much an upper-class Englishman, reticent, honourable, past-imbued.

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