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Joseph Hansen

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Insurance investigator and homosexual. His father, with whom he had a complex relationship and who dies in the course of the recorded career, was head of a big California insurance company, for which Brandstetter works because, like the classic private eyes before him, investigation is what he wants to do. And a classic private eye Brandstetter is, ever pursuing the truths he suspects lie behind the facades put in front of him. In so far as he is this, it is irrelevant that he happens to be homosexual. The statutory blondes the private eye meets are in his case attractive young men whom he takes to bed for longer or shorter times. And that is all. It makes heterosexual readers think, and perhaps widens their sympathies. But it almost always so happens that Brandstetter's cases take him into the various gay worlds of California and so, though we thus see exotic locales, perhaps the universality of his adventures is the less.

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