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This Hank Janson bibliography-checklist is clearly extensive.
That said, given the volumous output there may well be other Hank Janson titles not covered here
RH = Cover design by Reginald Heade
We do regard this as a work in progress and will update it as and when information becomes available
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
When Dames Get Tough Ward & Hitchon 1946 Not in the English Catalogue of Books nor rest
Gun Moll for Hire Frances 1948 RH
This Woman Is Death Frances 1948 RH
Lady, Mind That Corpse Frances 1948 RH
Blonde on the Spot Gaywood 1949 RH
Angel Shoot to Kill Frances 1949 RH
Gunsmoke in Her Eyes As Above 1949  
Honey Take My Gun As Above 1949 RH
Smart Girls Don't Talk Frances 1949 RH
Slay-Ride for Cutie As Above 1949 Not in the English Catalogue of Books . RH
No Regrets for Clara Gaywood 1949 Published at 1/6. RH
Sweetheart Here's Your Grave ! Frances 1949 Not in the English Catalogue of Books nor rest
Lilies for My Lovely As Above 1949 RH
Some Look Better Dead Frances 1950 RH
The Bride Wore Weeds Gaywood 1950 RH
Don't Dare Me Sugar Gaywood 1950 RH
Sweetie Hold Me Tight As Above 1950 RH
Torment for Trixie As Above 1950 RH
The Jane with Green Eyes As Above 1950 RH
The Lady Has a Scar As Above 1950 RH
Lady Toll the Bell As Above 1950 RH
Lola Brought Her Wreath Gaywood 1950 RH
Baby, Don't Dare Squeal Frances 1951 RH
Death Wore a Petticoat Frances 1951 RH
Don't Mourn Me Toots Frances 1951 RH
This Dame Dies Soon As Above 1951 Alt title: Too Soon to Die. RH ?
Hotsy You'll Be Chilled As Above 1951 RH
Sister Don't Hate Me As Above 1951 RH
It's Always Eve That Weeps Frances 1951 RH
Broads Don't Scare Easy New Fiction Press 1951 RH
Frails Can Be So Tough As Above 1951 RH
Women Hate Till Death As Above 1951  
Milady Took the Rap As Above 1951  
Auctioned New Fiction Press 1952 RH
Kill Her If You Can As Above 1952 RH
Conflict As Above 1952 RH
Murder New Fiction Press 1952 RH
Skirts Bring Me Sorrow As Above 1952 RH
Whiplash As Above 1952 RH
Sadie Don't Cry Now As Above 1952 RH
The Filly Wore a Rod New Fiction Press 1952 RH
Killer Ditto 1952 RH
Sweetie Hold Me Tight Frances 1952 RH
Tension Frances 1952 RH
Accused Gaywood 1952 RH
Suspense Gaywood 1952 RH
Persian Pride Gaywood 1952 RH
Desert Fury New Fiction Press 1953 RH
Pursuit Ditto 1953 RH
Vengeance Ditto 1953 RH
Torment Ditto 1953 RH
Amok Ditto 1953 RH
Silken Menace  Top Fiction Press 1953 RH
Corruption Top Fiction Press 1953 RH
Nyloned Avenger Ditto 1953 RH
Woman Trap     RH Not published
Perfumed Nemesis     RH Not published.
Appeared on back cover of Silken Menace
Blonde Dupe     RH. Suppressed ?
Dainty Dynamite     RH Not released
One Man in His Time New Fiction Press 1953 RH
Avenging Nymph Alexander Moring 1953  
Deadly Mission As Above 1953 RH
Hank Janson Blues   1953 Sheet Music ! RH
Contraband As Above 1955  
48 Hours As Above 1955  
Menace As Above 1955  
Tomorrow and a Day As Above 1955  
Framed As Above 1955  
Devil's Highway As Above 1956  
The Unseen Assassin As Above 1956 RH but not signed
Escape As Above 1956  
Cactus Moring 1956 ? British Library date as 195-?
They Die Alone Moring 1956 ? Not listed in British Library
Hell's Angel As Above 1956  
Untamed Alexander Moring 1957 Is this a reissue ? ?
Sinister Rapture Alexander Moring 1957
Sweet Fury Alexander Moring 1957
Revolt Alexander Moring 1957
Amorous Captive Moring 1958  
Don't Scare Easy As Above 1958  
Flight from Fear As Above 1958  
Hate As Above 1958  
Lose This Gun As Above 1958  
Mistress of Fear Moring 1958  
Sugar and Vice As Above 1958  
Bewitched Moring 1958  
Bring Me Sorrow Moring 1958  
Situation Grave ! As Above 1958  
Kill This Man Moring 1958  
Invasion As Above 1959  
Sultry Avenger As Above 1959  
Silken Snare As Above 1959  
Jack Spot Moring 1959  
Bad Girl Turton 1959  
Torrid Temptress Turton 1959  
Wild Girl Turton 1959  
All Tramps Are Trouble Universal Tangier 1960  
Beloved Traitor Roberts & Vitner 1960  
Slaves for Seduction Roberts & Vitner 1960  
Hell of a Dame Roberts & Vitner 1960  
This Wicked Sex Roberts & Vinter 1960  
Come Quickly, Honey As Above 1960  
Cool Sugar As Above 1960  
Quiet Waits the Grave As Above 1960  
Passionate Waif As Above 1960  
Secret Session As Above 1960  
Sentence for Sin As Above 1960  
Cutie on Call As Above 1960  
This Hood for Hire Roberts 1960  
Cupid Turns Killer As Above 1960  
Ripe for Rapture As Above 1960  
Ecstasy As Above 1960  
Break for a Lovely As Above 1961  
Crowns Can Kill As Above 1961  
She Sleeps to Conquer As Above 1961  
Delicious Danger As Above 1961  
Reluctant Hostess Roberts 1961  
Suddenly It's Sin As Above 1961  
Venus Makes Three As Above 1961  
Scent from Heaven As Above 1961  
Destination Dames As Above 1961  
Downtown Doll As Above 1961  
Fireball As Above 1961  
Hell's Belles As Above 1961  
Short-Term Wife As Above 1961  
Prey for a Newshawk As Above 1961  
Outcast Roberts 1961  
Janson Go Home As Above 1961  
Lady, Lie Low As Above 1961  
Late Night Revel As Above 1961  
Mastermind As Above 1961  
Angel Astray Roberts 1962  
Beauty and the Beat As Above 1962  
Blood Bath As Above 1962  
Grape Vine As Above 1962  
Chicago Chick As Above 1962  
Nymph in the Night As Above 1962  
Uncover Agent As Above 1962  
Uncommon Market As Above 1962  
Twist for Two Roberts 1962  
Vagabond Vamp As Above 1962  
Way Out Wanton As Above 1962  
Counter-Feat As Above 1962  
Savage Sequel As Above 1962  
Run for Lover As Above 1962  
Crime on My Hands As Above 1962  
Take This Sweetie As Above 1962  
Rave for a Roughneck As Above 1962  
Play It Casual As Above 1962  
Dig Those Heels Roberts 1962  
Exclusive As Above 1962  
Honey for Me As Above 1962  
Like Lethal As Above 1962  
Like Crazy As Above 1962  
Like Poison As Above 1962  
Kill Me for Kicks As Above 1962  
Brand Image Roberts 1963 F221
Dateline Darlene As Above 1963  
Dateline Debbie As Above 1963  
Strange Ritual As Above 1963  
Dateline Diane As Above 1963  
Visit from a Broad As Above 1963  
Daughter of Shame As Above 1963  
Fast Buck Roberts 1963  
Go with a Jerk As Above 1963  
Passion Pact As Above 1963  
Heartache As Above 1963  
V for Vitality As Above 1963  
Hilary's Terms As Above 1963  
Playgirl As Above 1963  
Second String As Above 1963  
Nerve Centre As Above 1963  
Hot Line As Above 1963  
The Love Makers As Above 1963  
I for Intrigue Roberts 1963  
Brazen Seductress Gold Star 1963  
A Nice Way to Die As Above 1963  
Lover As Above 1963  
Kill Her with Passion As Above 1963  
Cold Dead Coed Gold Star 1964  
It's Bedtime Baby ! As Above 1964  
Crime Beat Crisis Roberts 1964  
Design for Dupes As Above 1964  
Doctor Fix As Above 1964  
Double Take As Above 1964  
Fan Fare As Above 1964  
Top Ten As Above 1964  
Flower of Desire Roberts 1964  
Tigress As Above 1964  
A Girl in Hand As Above 1964  
Voodoo Violence As Above 1964  
Will-Power As Above 1964  
Limbo Lover As Above 1964  
Pattern of Rape As Above 1964  
Square One As Above 1964  
Lake Loot As Above 1964  
Soft Cargo As Above 1964  
Sex Angle As Above 1964  
That Brain Again As Above 1964  
The Love Secretaries As Above 1964  
The Last Lady Roberts 1964  
The Exotic Seductress Gold Star 1964  
Expectant Nymph As Above 1964  
Fanny As Above 1964  
The Sexy Vixen As Above 1964  
Her Weapon Is Passion As Above 1964  
Passionate Playmate As Above 1964  
Hot House As Above 1964  
The Affairs of Paula Gold Star 1965  
Abomination Roberts 1965  
Junk Market As Above 1965  
Tail Sting As Above 1965  
Sweet Talk As Above 1965  
Lust for Vengeance As Above 1965  
Flashpoint As Above 1965  
Backlash of Infamy Ditto 1965  
Jazz Jungle Roberts 1965  
Becky Gold Star 1965  
A Nympho Named Silvia Gold Star 1965  
Catch Me a Renegade Roberts 1965  
Devil and the Deep As Above 1965  
Missile Mob As Above 1965  
Why Should Sylvia ? As Above 1965  
Say It with Candy As Above 1965  
Roxy by Proxy As Above 1965  
Model in Mayhem As Above 1965  
Furtive Flame As Above 1965  
Bid for Beauty Roberts 1966  
The Big H As Above 1966  
Darling Delinquent As Above 1966  
Dead Certainty As Above 1966  
Make Mine Mink As Above 1966  
Escalation As Above 1966  
F.E.U.D Roberts 1966  
Mayfair Slayride As Above 1966  
Nefarious Quest As Above 1966  
Helldorado As Above 1966  
Krush As Above 1966  
Liquor is Quicker As Above 1966  
Ladybirds Are In As Above 1967  
Physical Attraction As Above 1967  
Riviera Showdown As Above 1967  
Zero Take All As Above 1967  
Operation Obliterate Compact 1967 Credit: Dave Shaw for info
Casinopoly Roberts & Vinter 1968  
Same Difference As Above 1968  
The Young Wolves Roberts 1968  
Covering Fire Compact Books 1969 Not listed in the National Libraries
Globe Probe Compact Books 1969 Not listed in the National Libraries
Cat's Paw Compact Books 1969 Not listed in the Ntaional Libraries
Infiltration Compact Books 1970 Not listed in the National Libraries
Frame and Fortune Compact Books 1970 Not listed in the National Libraries
The Long Arm Compact Books 1970 Not listed in the National Libraries
Lament for a Lover Compact Books 1970 Not listed in the National Libraries
Villon of the Peace Compact Books 1970 Not listed in the National Libraries
The Kay Assignation Compact Books 1971 Not listed in the National Libraries
Twilight Tigress Compact Books 1970 Not listed in the National Libraries
Big Round Bed Compact Books 1970 Not listed in the National Libraries
The Liz Assignation Compact Books 1971 Not listed in the National Libraries
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Biography - Further Information on Author Writer and Character Hank Janson
Hank Janson was basically an umbrella name under which several authors operated using the same series character. Stephen D. Francis was the originator, born England 1917, the subsequent huge sales brought him success and fame. The was trouble with the Obscene Publications Act in the 1950s which saw people actually jailed over the content of some of the Hank Janson stories.
Francis was resident in Spain at the time so avoided initial prosecution, though he did later return to England and was subsequently charged though acquitted.

Collectors should note that some books are dated and others are not, some relatively common whilst others unaccountably scarce, the presumption must be print runs.
Condition is everything in book collecting and whilst superb copies are always to be desired they are very scarce and command a premium. They were cheap throwaway publications and consequently do not age well. 

When you see more than one book published in the same year we cannot currently guarantee the precise order of publication.


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