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Hank Janson

Cat's Paw

Roberts and Vinter Compact Books 1969

Hank Janson Cat's Paw

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To a specialist press agency like Hank Janson's Special Assignments Ltd., any unusual and possibly newsworthy lead is worth a little time and trouble. When Hank finds the Perrin family in a state of craven terror, with their domestic animals being systematically decimated by something remarkably like the legendary Surrey puma, he rightly believes he has the scent of an unusually off-beat story. One of his problems is that the Perrins, either through fear or guilt, are quite unwilling to assist his researches. By going it alone, Hank exposes himself to some very painful and frightening experiences, but he also finds some staunch friends, particularly the comely Daly, who is equally adept at patching up the wounded hunter and unashamedly responding to his own subtler predatory instincts. The theory which Hank develops digs back deeply and verges on the uncanny, but it proves to be right, and enables him to expose a nauseating scheme of treachery, greed and dark vengeance.

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