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Hank Janson


Gaywood Press 1952
Jacket design Heade

We interested in buying pre 1940 UK first editions in jacket
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Bob Parsons grinned uneasily wriggled his stockinged toea. "I'll tell you the way it is, Hank," he said. "Ever since last night when I was following that film star around the night clubs, waiting for a chance to get a compromising shot of her...." "It's called an unconventional shot" I interjected delicately. His eyes showed genuine interest. "Is that what you call it when a dame does a strip-tease with only one guy for an audience?" "Listen," I interrupted grimly, "One of you two lugs is coming with me to carry that camera. I don't care who but it's got to be one of you. Let's have a smart decision, huh?" Bob Parsons looked at Ted Williams. Ted Williams looked at Bob Parsons. Bob Parsons wriggled hie stockinged feet some more, switched on an expression of excruciating pain. "That guy she was with trod right on my bunion; ground his heel rato it/' he complained. "Right now it feels like. I'll never be able to put foot to ground again."

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