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Hank Janson

The Jane with Green Eyes

Gaywood Press 1950
Jacket design Heade

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Hank Janson     Reginald Heade

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phere as 1 pushed through the swing doors of the Carlton Restaurant into the cool shade of the marbled lobby lined with potted ferns and palms. A large Neon sign pointed an arrow towards the bar. There weren't many folks in the bar. I spotted Hal Dean at once, hung my Fedora on a convenient hook and strode across to his table. " It's been a long while, Hank," he said, shaking my hand vigorously. He wasn't alone. The dame with him wore a chic little hat with a wisp of a veil. The hat was a kinda screen. When she turned her head ever so slightly I could only see the lower part of her face. She was a quiet, self-possessed, confident type of dame. She watched me, coolly and disdainfully and there was just the merest flicker of interest in her dark eyes when Hal introduced us. " I'd like you to meet Miss Dewey," he said. " Miss Gay Dewey."

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