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Hank Janson

Persian Pride

Gaywood Press 1952
Jacket design Heade

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It was as though he had been sleeping for twenty years! His eyes opened slowly, reluctantly, wary of the painful light of day. Lethargy controlled his limbs and body, his muscles had withered away, lost their strength. Worst of aU was the agonising, hot Stabbing pain pulsing in his brain. A pain' that seared through to his toes, jagged so intensely it made him stupid, made thinking an agonizing process. With an effort he rolled on to his side, felt the coolness oi'hard stone against his cheek and fought hard to control his senses as they began to swim. - Everything was a strange blankness. He was in a strange place, couldn't remember what he was doing here, couldn't remember anything about himself. He lay with his eyes closed for a long while, allowing hfe mind little by little to nibble at scraps of knowledge, unravel and make sense of them.

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