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Roberts and Vinter Compact Books 1970

Hank Janson Infiltration

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is a disease found only in capitalist countries at least, that's what some Iron Curtain egg-head decides. Therefore, he argues, the best way to speed up the revolution is to attack where our system is weakest and most vulnerable.

So, he comes up with this crazy idea that the permissive-minded British kids can be used as effective, though unsuspecting agents to undermine their own country. To promote the operation, a small team of subversive hell-raisers is sneaked into London, each member well schooled in sexual prowess, with a little drug-pushing expertise on the side.

Hank typically! runs head-first into the action when he gets himself invited to a Chelsea mattress party. That leads on into a mad world of orgies, rave-ups, pot and promiscuity, with the shattering climax of a gruesome triple murder.

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