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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Gallows Bait Butterworth 1928 DW 7/6. US: The Living Alibi
The Stolen Millionaire Ditto 1929 Dust jacket 7/6
The Man Without Pity Ditto 1930 DW 7/6. US: Number Nought
The Hunterstone Outrage Butterworth 1931 DW 7/6
Turmoil at Brede Harrap 1932 Jan 32. DW 7/6
Mr Coroner Presides Harrap 1932 Sept 32. DW 7/6
They Came by Night Jarrolds 1933 Not in the ECB. Only 1936 cheap ed'
The Daughters of Belial Jarrolds 1934 DW 7/6
Escort to Danger Hodder 1935 DW 7/6
Draw the Blinds Stoughton 1936 DW 7/6. US: The crooks' Shepherd
Murder Paves the Way H&S 1936 June 36. DW 3/6
Rooksmiths Ditto 1936 Aug 36. DW 7/6
The Man Who Played Patience Ditto 1937 Mar 37. DW 7/6
She Could Take Care Ditto 1937 June 37. DW 7/6
Footsteps Behind Them Ditto 1937 Aug 37. DW 7/6
Foreign Bodies H&S 1938 Oct 38. DW 7/6
The Disappearance of Julie Hintz Ditto 1940 DW 8/3
Where's Mr Chumley ? Ditto 1949 DW 8/6
Ladies Always Talk Ditto 1950 US: Why Slug a Postman
Sweeter for His Going H&S 1950 DW 8/6
Never Fight a Lady Ditto 1951  
Death of No Lady Ditto 1952 DW 12/6
Always Ask a Policeman Hodder 1953 DW 10/6
The High Wall Ditto 1954 US: The Other Side of the Hall
Put Out the Light Ditto 1954 DW 10/6. US: The Doctor Was a Dame
The Barberton Intrigue H&S 1956 US: A Store of Wrath
The Long Night Ditto 1956  
The Truth about Claire Veryan Ditto 1957  
In Secret Places Ditto 1958  
The Hidden Men Ditto 1959 DW 12/6. US: A Man to Match the Hour
One Man's Death Ditto 1960 Black cloth, silver & green titles. DW 10/6
US: One Man's Enemies
Seven Years Dead H&S 1961  
A Time to Hate Hale 1962  
Technique for Treachery Hale 1963  
Walk a Crooked Mile Ditto 1964  
The Town That Went Sick Ditto 1965  
Eyes at the Window Hale 1966  
The Bride That Got Away Hale 1967  
The Hands of the Shadow Ditto 1968  
The Corpse That Got Away Ditto 1969  

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Further Information
Seldon Leslie Truss, born 1892, also used the name George Selmark. His series characters were Chief Inspector Gidleigh, Detective Inspector Shane and Inspector Bass.


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