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One Man's Death

Robert Hale 1960
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IT was one man's natural death that involved Mr. Horace, the crime-reporter, in the strangest assignment of his career. Because other deaths—that were not natural—followed and peculiar things happened at the Sheet Anchor Inn. Mr. Horace was led into conflict with the police as well as with his own conscience—which was supple enough.

Felicia Bax, the vicar's daughter, who could not keep crime out of her hair, became Mr. Horace's companion-in-arms. Thereby she incurred the displeasure of young Jarvis Rooke, and it was perhaps inevitable that Jarvis and Mr. Horace should not like each other. Nor could it be expected that the church-going Misses Ardmore would approve of Miss Sandra Sutherland, who occupied the flat below and was certainly not very respectable. Behind all these conflicting personali-ties loomed the Law, personified by Chief-Inspector Gidleigh; and it was Gidleigh who had the last word.

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