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Seldon Truss

The Stolen Millionaire

Thornton Butterworth 1929
Jacket design Bip Pares

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Seldon Truss     Bip Pares

HERE are mystery within mystery and plot within plot; the herculean endeavour of a poverty-stricken outcast who, by a freak of Fate, becomes the champion of a millionaire's wife caught in a maelstrom of cruelty and intrigue. Yet what Philip Logue endured for Iris du Maresq's sake is almost transcended by the unrelenting efforts of a woman on behalf of the man she desires. It is steel against cunning, reckless bravery against ruthless ; and behind it all there looms the shadow of a peculiar and sinister power that had spread and festered like an evil cancer in the breast of London Society.

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