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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Phantom Lady Robert Hale 1945 Dust jacket 8/6
If I Should Die Before I Wake Avon 1945 US only
Borrowed Crimes Avon 1946 US only
I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes Hutchinson 1946 Dust jacket 9/6 or 8/6? US 1943
After Dinner Story Hutchinson 1947 US 1944
Deadline at Dawn Hutchinson 1947 Dust jacket 9/6
The Dancing Detective Hutchinson Mar 1948 Dust jacket 9/6. US 1946
Short stories one became the 1947 film noir The Guilty
Waltz into Darkness Hutchinson Oct 1948 Dustwrapper 10/6
Dead Man Blues Hutchinson 1950 Dust jacket artwork by Kenneth Lockwood
Not in the English Catalogue of Books US 1948
I Married a Dead Man Hutchinson 1950 Not listed in ECB.
Six Nights of Mystery Popular 1950 US only
The Blue Ribbon Hutchinson 1951 DJ 8/6. Not listed in ECB. US 1949
The Night I Died Hutchinson 1951 US: Somebody on the Phone
You'll Never See Me Again Dell 1951 US only
Eyes That Watch You Rinehart 1952 US only
Bluebeard's Seventh Wife Popular 1952 US only
Strangler's Serenade Robert Hale 1952  
The Best of William Irish Lippincott 1960 US only

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Further Information
William Irish, pseudonym of Cornell Woolrich was born in New York in 1903 and lead a tortured life that would not have been out of place in any of his novels. In all cases, the US editions precede the UK. Many of his books were not published in the UK at all, alternative titles are noted when applicable. The author died in 1968.

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