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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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The list is in order of original publication date, UK editions were out of sequence to the US
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Bride Wore Black Hale 1942 DJ 8/-. US 1940
The Black Curtain Macmillan 1963 US 1941
Black Alibi Hale 1951 US 1942
The Black Angel Hale 1949 US 1943
The Black Path of Fear Doubleday 1944 US only
Night Has a Thousand Eyes Penguin 1949 as George Hopley
Rendezvous in Black Hale 1950 US 1948
Fright Foulsham 1950 as George Hopley
Savage Bride Fawcett 1950 US only
Nightmare Dodd Mead 1956 US only
Violence Dodd Mead 1958 US only
Hotel Room Random 1958 US only
Beyond the Night Avon 1959 US only
Death is My Dancing Partner Pyramid 1959 US only
The Doom Stone Avon 1960 US only
Ten Faces of Cornell Woolrich Boardman 1966 US 1965
The Dark Side of Love Walker 1965 US only
Nightwebs Gollancz 1973 US Harper 1971
Angels of Darkness Mysterious 1979 US only

also see William Irish

Further Information
Cornell Woolrich, who also wrote as William Irish and George Copley, is a highly regarded author whose novels and short stories blend suspense, despair and love superbly. The darkness of of his work clearly mirrored his own tormented private life. Following the end of his marriage he spent the next twenty-five years living with his mother in various hotels. Several of his stories were adapted as plays and films, the most notable being Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window. The bibliography is in order of original US publication date. Many of the books saw no UK publication and there are no alternative titles.

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