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William Irish

Dead Man Blues

Hutchinson 1950
Jacket artwork by Kenneth Lockwood

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William Irish

In seven stories of suspense and terror, the author of Phantom Lady and Deadline at Dawn reveals his complete mastery of the atmosphere of fear. Vivid, imaginative, each with its own ironic twist, these stories deal with the crisis moments of life. Here are Maupassant-like vignettes ranging in theme from trickery and suave menace to viciousness and the unmixed brutality of the cornered, and here is a graphic portrayal of what it feels like to live outside the law. In Dead Man Blues., Mr. Irish gives proof again of his superb story-telling talent, his ear for crisp dialogue, his thorough knowledge of the recesses of human character. A "must" for the army of William Irish book-and-movie fans and a new mystery thrill for whodunit fans reading him for the first time.

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