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Ruth Rendell Bibliography

UK - US First Edition Books

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
From Doon with Death Long 1964 US: 1965 Doubleday
To Fear a Painted Devil Long 1965 US: 1965 Doubleday
Vanity Dies Hard Long 1965 US: 1966 Doubleday as In Sickness and in Health
A New Lease of Death Long 1967 US: 1967 Doubleday
Wolf to the Slaughter Long 1967 US: 1968 Doubleday
The Secret House of Death Long 1968 US: 1969 Doubleday
The Best Man to Die Long 1969 US: 1970 Doubleday
A Guilty Thing Surprised Hutchinson 1970 US: 1970 Doubleday
One Across Two Down Hutchinson 1971 US: 1971 Doubleday
No More Dying Then Hutchinson 1971 US: 1972 Doubleday
Murder Being Once Done Hutchinson 1972 US: 1972 Doubleday
Some Lie Some Die Hutchinson 1973 US: 1973 Doubleday
The Face of Trespass Hutchinson 1974 US: 1974 Doubleday
Shake Hands Forever Hutchinson 1975 US: 1975 Doubleday
The Fallen Curtain and Other Stories Hutchinson 1976 US: 1976 Doubleday
A Demon in My View Hutchinson 1976 US: 1977 Doubleday
A Judgement in Stone Hutchinson 1977 US: 1978 Doubleday
A Sleeping Life Hutchinson 1978 US: 1978 Doubleday
Means of Evil Hutchinson 1979 US: 1980 Doubleday
Make Death Love Me Hutchinson 1979 US: 1979 Doubleday
The Lake of Darkness Hutchinson 1980 US: 1980 Doubleday
Master of the Moor Hutchinson 1981 US: 1982 Pantheon
Put on By Cunning Hutchinson 1981 US: 1981 Pantheon as Death Notes
The Fever Tree Hutchinson 1982 US: 1983 Pantheon
The Speaker of Mandarin Hutchinson 1983 US: 1983 Pantheon
The Killing Doll Hutchinson 1984 US: 1984 Pantheon
The New Girl Friend Hutchinson 1985 US: 1986 Pantheon
The Tree of Hands Hutchinson 1985 US: 1985 Pantheon
An Unkindness of Ravens Hutchinson 1985 US: 1985 Pantheon
Three Cases for Inspector Wexford Eurographica 1986 Signed, wraps
Live Flesh Hutchinson 1986 US: 1986 Pantheon
Heartstones Hutchinson 1987 US: 1987 Harper
Collected Short Stories Hutchinson 1987 US: 1988 Pantheon
Talking to Strange Men Hutchinson 1987 US: 1987 Harper
The Veiled One Hutchinson 1988 US: 1988 Pantheon
The Bridesmaid Hutchinson 1989 US: 1989 Mysterious
Going Wrong Hutchinson 1990 US: 1990 Mysterious
The Copper Peacock Hutchinson 1991 US: 1991 Mysterious
Kissing the Gunner's Daughter Hutchinson 1992 US: 1992 Warner
The Crocodile Bird Hutchinson 1993 US: 1993 Crown
Simisola Hutchinson 1994 US: 1995 Crown
Blood Lines Hutchinson 1995 US: 1996 Crown
The Reason Why Cape 1995  
The Keys to the Street Hutchinson 1996 US: 1996 Crown
Road Rage Hutchinson 1997 US: 1997 Crown, UK and US signed limited editions also done
A Sight for Sore Eyes Hutchinson 1998 US: 1998 Crown. Scorpion Press limited edition also published
Harm Done Hutchinson 1999 US: 1999 Crown Scorpion Press limited edition also published
Piranha to Scurfy Hutchinson 2000 US: 2002 Crown
Adam and Eve Hutchinson 2001 US: 2001 Crown
Babes in the Wood Hutchinson 2002  
The Rottweiler Hutchinson 2003  
Thirteen Steps Down Hutchinson 2004  
End in Tears Hutchinson 2005  
The Water's Lovely Hutchinson 2006 Dustwrapper priced 17.99
Not in the Flesh Hutchinson 2007 Dust jacket priced 17.99
Portobello Hutchinson 2008 Published price 18.99

Ruth Rendell as Barbara Vine

Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
A Dark Adapted Eye Viking 1986 US: 1986 Bantam, wraps
A Fatal Inversion Viking 1987 US: 1987 Bantam, wraps
The House of Stairs Viking 1988 US: 1989 Crown
Gallowglass Viking 1990 US: 1990 Crown
King Solomon's Carpet Viking 1991 US: 1992 Crown
Asta's Book Viking 1993 US: 1993 Harmony as Anna's Book
No Night is too Long Viking 1994 US: 1994 Harmony
The Chimney Sweeper's Boy Viking 1998 US: 1998 Harmony
Grasshopper Harmony 2000 UK: 2000 Viking
The Blood Doctor Viking 2002 US: 2002 Shaye

Further Information
Ruth Rendell, born 1930, is one of Britain's most popular, and prolific, authors. She is, of course, best known for the Inspector Wexford series. Already popular with readers and collectors, the series received a huge shot in the arm with the successful and long running television series. Rendell has also benefited from adaptations of several of her other novels. Her book are very popular with collectors with early titles being quite valuable. Pre 1970 books fetch a premium though later titles are relatively common. Collectors should see only fine copies of later books, all of which can be found at very reasonable prices. In all but one case, the UK editions precede their US counterparts. UK editions are also more prized than US, consequently considerably more expensive. The Wexford titles tend to be good old fashioned English whodunits with her other work leaning more towards the criminal mid and motive. Her work under the pseudonym of Barbara Vine is different again. The books fell much darker with the main emphasis on psychology. Often referred to as the Queen of Crime, once Agatha Christie's title, many would agree with the handover, though PD James may have something to say about that!.

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