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Barbara Vine


Viking 1990
Jacket design Graham Bence

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Barbara Vine

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When in Rome (said Sandor) you have to walk down the Via Condotti and look at the shops. That is where the money is, and the windows full of beautiful things. 'What does that mean?' I said. 'The Via Condotti, what's that?' 'Kidnap Street.' 'Really?' I said. 'Is that what it means?' He only laughed, the way he does. Then he went on with the story, the first one he ever told me. If you've got a shop in the Via Condotti, he said, you've arrived, you're rich, a window on the most fashionable shopping street in Rome is a sure sign of wealth. Bulgari the jewellers are there. One of the Bulgari family was kidnapped in 1975 and released on payment of a ransom of ^650,000. Well, it was in Italian money, Sandor said, but that's what it was in pounds. Eight years later two more members of the family were taken and let

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