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Ruth Rendell

The New Girl Friend

Hutchinson 1985
Jacket design Slatter Anderson

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Ruth Rendell

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'You know what we did last time?' he said. She had waited for this for weeks. 'Yes?' 'I wondered if you'd like to do it again.' She longed to but she didn't want to sound too keen. 'Why not?' 'How about Friday afternoon, then? I've got the day off and Angie always goes to her sister's on Friday.' 'Not always, David.' She giggled. He also laughed a little. 'She will this week. Do you think we could use your car? Angie'll take ours.' 'Of course. I'll come for you about two, shall I?' Til open the garage doors and you can drive straight in. Oh, and Chris, could you fix it to get back a bit later? I'd love it if we could have the whole evening together.' Til try/ she said, and then, Tm sure I can fix it. I'll tell Graham I'm going out with my new girl friend.1 He said goodbye and that he would see her on Friday. Christine put the receiver back. She had almost given up expecting a call from him. But there must have been a grain of hope still, for she had never left the receiver off the way she used to.

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