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Wyndham Martyn
Series Characters Anthony Trent - Christopher Bond

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
All the World to Nothing Sampson Low 1913  
Under Cover Jarrolds 1914  
Anthony Trent Master Criminal Herbert Jenkins 1922  
The Secret of the Silver Car Jenkins 1922  
The Mysterious Mr Garland Jenkins 1923  
The Return of Anthony Trent Jenkins 1923  
The Bathurst Complex Jenkins 1924 Dust jacket 7/6
The Recluse of Fifth Avenue Herbert Jenkins 1925 Dustwrapper 7/6
Trent of the Lone Hand Jenkins 1927 Dust jacket 7/6. Artwork Gil Dyer
Anthony Trent Avenger Jenkins 1928 April 1928 re ECB. DJ 7/6
The Triumphant Prodigal Jenkins 1928 November 1928 per ECB. DJ 7/6
Murder Island Jenkins 1929 April 1929 re English Catalogue of Books.
Dustwrapper 7/6. Artwork by Batchelor
The Death Fear Jenkins 1929 Oct '29. Red/orange cloth, black titles.
Dustwrapper 7/6. Artwork by Abbey
The Trent Trail Jenkins 1930 DJ 7/6
The Social Storming Jenkins 1930 DJ 7/6. ECB states released Jan 1931
The Scarlett Murder Jenkins 1931 DJ 7/6. Artwork by Frank Marston
The Great Ling Plot Jenkins 1933 DJ 7/6
Christopher Bond Adventurer Jenkins 1933 Red/orange cloth, black lettering. Not in ECB
Dustwrapper 7/6. Artwork by Abbey
Death By the Lake Jenkins 1934 DJ 7/6. Artwork by Nick
The Spies of Peace Jenkins 1934 Red/orange cloth, black lettering.
Dustwrapper 7/6. Artwork by Hastain
Nightmare Castle Jenkins 1935 March 1935. DW 7/6
Criminals All Jenkins 1935 October'35. Wrapper 7/6
The House of Secrets Jenkins 1936 February '36. Jacket 7/6
The Denmede Mystery Jenkins 1936 Spetember 1936. DJ 7/6
The Old Manor Crime Jenkins 1937 Feb 1937. DW 7/6. Artwork by Hastain
The Blue Ridge Crime Jenkins 1937 August 1937. DW 7/6
The Marrowby Myth Jenkins 1938 DJ 7/6
Murder Walks the Deck Jenkins 1938  
Trent Fights Again Jenkins 1939 Jan 1939. DJ 7/6
Noonday Devils Jenkins 1939 Oct 1939. DJ 7/6
The Ghost City Killings Jenkins 1940 March 1940 DJ 8/3
Capture Jenkins 1940 Sept '40. Red/orange cloth, black titles. DW 7/6
Shadow Agent Jenkins 1941 Not listed in ECB
The Headland House Affair Jenkins 1941 Red/orange cloth, black lettering.
DW 7/6. Actually released June '42 re ECB
Men Without Faces Jenkins 1943 DJ 7/6
Cairo Crisis Jenkins 1945 DJ 8/6
The Last Scourge Jenkins 1946 Dust jacket 8/6
Stones of Enchantment Jenkins 1948 Dust jacket 8/6
Manhunt in Murder Jenkins 1950 Dust jacket 8/6
The Chromium Cat Herbert Jenkins 1952  

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