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Shelley Smith

Background for Murder

Gerald Swan 1942
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Shelley Smith    

Synopsis of Background for Murder by Shelley Smith
THE difficulty was that there were too many suspects, too many people who could have murdered Dr. Royd, too many people who wished him dead. Any one of that ' bunch of crazies' might have yielded to the impulse to bat him on the head. Maybe it would have ended there but for Mr. Chaos; and maybe the other murders would never have occurred but for Mi*. Chaos* interference. It seemed there was quite a lot of funny business concerning the late Dr. Royd. Not a nice character. And poking into it seemed to stir up trouble, too. In this stark expose of human horror in the tangled worlds of sanity and insanity Shelley Smith has discovered the perfect background for a murder. The story carries you along in fascinated thrall, gripping you with its poignancy, and wise-cracking you into laughter, as Jacob Chaos deftly unravels the twisted skeins hiding the truth, and from them weaves a web to catch the audacious murderer,

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