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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Moving Target Cassell 1951  
The Drowning Pool Cassell 1952  
The Way Some People Die Cassell 1953  
The Ivory Grin Cassell 1953  
Experience with Evil Cassell 1954 US: Meet Me at the Morgue
Find a Victim Cassell 1955  
The Name is Archer Bantam 1955 US edition
The Barbarous Coast Cassell 1957  
The Doomsters Cassell 1958  
The Galton Case Cassell 1960  
The Ferguson Affair Collins 1961  
The Wycherly Woman Collins 1962  
The Zebra Striped Hearse Collins 1963  
The Chill Collins 1964  
The Far Side of the Dollar Collins 1965  
Black Money Collins 1966  
The Instant Enemy Collins 1968  
The Goodbye Look Collins 1969  
The Underground Man Collins 1971  
Sleeping Beauty Collins 1973  
The Blue Hammer Collins 1976  
Lew Archer Private Investigator Mysterious 1977 US edition

as Kenneth Millar

Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Blue City Cassell 1949  
The Three Roads Cassell 1950 Black boards, silver titles. Jacket 9/6
I Die Slowly Lion 1955 US: The Dark Tunnel, 1944
Night Train Lion 1955 US: Trouble Follows Me, 1946

Further Information
Ross Macdonald, real name Kenneth Millar, was born in California on 13th December 1915 and passed away in 1983. His books were published as either John, John Ross or Ross dependent on title and also country of publication. For simplicity we have ignored this as the names are obvious and they do not represent any issue points. His main series character was Lew Archer who appeared in most of the books and has become an important figure in the development of modern American crime fiction. In all cases, the US editions precede the UK and alternative titles, were applicable, are noted. There are some uncollected short stories and also four works of non-fiction which are not included in the bibliography


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