Kenneth Millar aka Ross Macdonald

The Three Roads

Published By Cassell in 1950
Wrapper artist: Unknown

Kenneth Millar - The Three Roads

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This is the story of a man whose sanity and chance for happiness depend on his ability to recapture his unre-membered past. The Doctors know that the reason for Brett Taylors's mental suffering is guilt, tmt they point out that although guilt is normally thought of as the result of sin, it may really be its cause; their theory being that the sense of some guilt may have worked on Brett until he was driven to crime. Following the belief that nothing in a person's life is ever really forgotten ó in a sense that with the right encouragement any memory can be recalledóBrett is determined to trace his life back to the point where his memory failed, and to find the reason for it. Paula, who knows what happened, believes that his mental health is not strong enough to stand the strain of knowing what was done. She knows, and is being blackmailed because she knows, that the cause of all his suffering is the mental shirking of a brutal unsolved murder, and she is very much afraid.

Classic Crime Fiction

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