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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Time to Change Hats Nicholson 1945  
Away Went the Little Fish Nicholson 1946  
The Golden Pebble Nicholson 1948 No US edition
The Widow of Bath Eyre 1952  
Farewell Crown and Goodbye King Eyre 1953  
The Man Who Didn't Fly Eyre 1955  
Someone form the Past Eyre 1958  
That Summer's Earthquake Eyre 1964 No Us edition

Further Information
Margot Bennett, born in Scotland in 1912, is difficult to categorize her work encompassing the detective, thriller and psychological genres. Her series character was John Davies and her best known work was The Widow of Bath. and although her catalogue of work is relatively small, she has left a mark and her novels do stand, in literary merit, above many other, perhaps better known authors. UK editions precede the US and two of her books were not, to the best of my knowledge, published in the USA. Rare books, first editions


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