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CHB Kitchin

Crime at Christmas

The Hogarth Press 1934
Jacket design unknown

We interested in buying pre 1940 UK first editions in jacket
We are paying the VERY HIGHEST prices for choice items
If you have anything you may consider selling
books wanted

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Mr. Kitchin has the power of making his characters spring into the reader's mind as living creatures, individual and complete, moving in a background so skilfully conjured up that one seems to know far more about it than one has in fact been told. And Mr. Kitchin is a master of suspense and surprise—a master in fact of the storyteller's craft. But he is more than a master-craftsman. As well as being immediately enjoyable reading these stories embody, at a deeper level, that kind of comment on life which lifts a work of craftmanship to the level of a work of art.

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