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Josephine Bell - Crime Fiction Books - series character David Wintringham

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder in Hospital Longmans 1937 yellowy cloth red lettering. DJ 7/6
Death on the Borough Council Longmans 1937 red cloth black lettering. DJ 7/6
Fall Over Cliff Longmans 1938 blue cloth black lettering. DJ 7/6
The Port of London Murders Longmans 1938 red cloth black lettering. DJ 7/6
Death at Half Term Longmans 1939 Blue cloth black lettering. DJ 7/6
From Natural Causes Longmans 1939 red cloth black lettering. DJ 7/6
All is Vanity Longmans 1940 blue cloth black lettering. DJ 7/6
Trouble at Wrekin Farm Longmans Green 1942 yellow-brown red lettering. DJ 7/6 (not in ECB)
Death at the Medical Board Longmans Green 1944 Dust jacket priced at 8/6
Death in Clairvoyance Longmans 1949  
Summer School Mystery Methuen 1950 Jacket 9/6
To Let Furnished Methuen 1952 Dust jacket artwork by Oliver Carson
Bones in the Barrow Methuen 1953  
Fires at Fairlawn Methuen 1954  
Death in Retirement Methuen 1956  
The China Roundabout Hodder & Stoughton 1956  
Double Doom Hodder and Stoughton 1957
The Seeing Eye Hodder 1958  
The House Above the River Hodder 1959 Red cloth, gilt. Jacket 12s 6d
Easy Prey Hodder 1959  
A Well Known Face Hodder and Stoughton 1960  
New People at Hollies Hodder 1961 DJ Artwork by Auguste von Briesen
Adventure with Crime Hodder 1962  
Flat Tyre in Fulham Hodder 1963  
Hunter and the Trapped Hodder 1963  
The Upfold Witch Hodder 1964  
No Escape Hodder 1965  
Death on the Reserve Hodder 1966  
The Catalyst Hodder 1966  
Death of a Con Man Hodder 1968  
The Wilberforce Legacy Hodder 1969  
The Fennister Affair Hodder 1969  
A Hydra with Six Heads Hodder 1970  
A Hole in the Ground Hodder 1971  
Death of a poison Tongue Hodder 1972  
A Pigeon among the Cats Hodder 1974  
Victim Hodder 1975  
Trouble in Hunter Ward Hodder 1976  
Such a Nice Client Hodder & Stoughton 1977  
A Swan Song Betrayed Hodder 1978  
Wolf Wolf Hodder 1979  
A Question of Inheritance Hodder 1980  
The Innocent Hodder 1982  

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