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Josephine Bell

The Port of London Murders

Longmans Green 1938
Jacket design not known

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Josephine Bell The Port of London Murders

Josephine Bell

Wapping. Tugs and barges on the river. A west-end shop that deals apparently in nothing but lingerie. Women who sell their souls for something in a little screw of paper. A doctor in the slums who has mysterious visitors .... In a mean street of dockland a woman is dead, with every sign of suicide....

A derelict barge casts part of a cargo ashore, boxes which have double ends : some of these box-ends are empty, others conceal pink chiffon nightdresses.... The river police are concerned with the smuggling, Detective-Sergeant Chandler with an apparent suicide which he believesto be murder. River and shore police confer. Sergeant Chandler visits his suspect once more. He is never seen again

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