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Anne Hocking

Night's Candle

geoffrey Bles 1941
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We interested in buying pre 1941 UK first editions in jacket
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Anne Hocking

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HER carefully arranged solitude was not destined to last for very long : after all, even the most determined and masterful can hardly expect to keep an hotel empty just to please themselves. She did, however, get the greater part of Wednesday alone; discovered a -wonderful bathing beach in the morning and stayed in the heavenly blue, warm water for nearly a couple of hours; lunched by herself; slept, naked, on her bed the whole of the afternoon ; went for a walk after tea and then, somewhere after six o'clock, having bathed, and changed into a thin blue organdie frock, came downstairs to sit in the hotel verandah till dinner time. Her book lay open on her knee but she felt too dreamily content to read. The smallest of breezes was just ruffling the eucalyptus trees round the hotel; there was a faint, sweet scent of jasmine in the air

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