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Cecil Freeman Gregg

Professional Jealousy

Published by 1960 by Methuen
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Kelbourne Football Club, though a member of the first division of the Foot-ball League, had been the butt of the music-hall comedian ever since its founda-tion, and in due course became the source of much amusement for the radio comic and his stooges. Then the club confoun-ded all the critics and comics by reaching the final of the F.A. cup. Thereafter, any-thing that happened to any of its members was a matter for concentrated Press coverage. Thus, when its famous centre-forward stumbled on the body of a mur-dered man, the sports and news editors of the London press combined to make a complete job of it.

Then Inspector Higgins arrives on the scene, and entirely unimpressed by the sporting eminence of the men concerned, starts to disentangle the mystery of the death; Sergeant Brownall, his shadow and faithful colleague for many years, gives adequate assistance, and between them, the mystery is eventually solved. Inspector Higgins needs no introduction to readers of Cecil Freeman Gregg's thrillers, nor does Sergeant Brownall, for that matter ! Together they make a team which has satisfied readers for many years—and both are still on the top of their form. Professional Jealousy is well up to Gregg's high standard, and is perhaps the best book he has written for years.

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