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Catherine Aird Bibliography

UK First Edition Books

Series Character: Inspector Sloan

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Religious Body Macdonald 1966 Inspector Sloan
A Most Contagious Case Macdonald 1967
Henrietta Who ? Macdonald 1968 Inspector Sloan
The Complete Steel Macdonald 1969 Inspector Sloan
A Late Phoenix Collins 1971 Inspector Sloan
His Burial Too Collins 1973 Inspector Sloan. A "Locked Room Murder"
Slight Mourning Collins 1975 Inspector Sloan
Parting Breath Collins 1977 Inspector Sloan
Some Died Eloquent Collins 1979 Inspector Sloan
Passing Strange Collins 1980 Inspector Sloan
Last Respects Collins 1982 Inspector Sloan
Harm's Way Collins Crime Club 1984 Rest same
A Dead Liberty As Above 1986  
The Body Politic Macmillan 1990 Olive cloth, gilt letters. DW 10.95
A Going Concern Macmillan 1993  
Injury Time Macmillan 1994  
After Effects Macmillan 1996  
Stiff News Macmillan 1998  
Little Knell Macmillan 2000  
Amendment Of Life Macmillan 2002  
A Hole in One Allison & Busby 2005  

Catherine Aird Books for Sale

This bibliography includes the UK first edition books written by Catherine Aird
She was vice-chairman of the crime writers association, awarded the MBE for
services to the Girl Guides Association, raised originally in Huddersfield
A great author and popular with readers as well as collectors
none of the books are particularly rare and a full set can be obtained for a reasonable sum

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