Crime Fiction

Catherine Aird

The Body Politic

Macmillan 1990
Jacket design Marcus Wilson Smith

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Catherine Aird

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This time there was no possibility that Peter Corbishley had been dreaming: he had heard the voice all right. And there was no confusion about whence the voice had come either: its owner was a man standing near the back of his audience and slightly to the right of the assembled company. Peter Corbishley picked him out of the crowd without difficulty as soon as he spoke for the second time. When he had pinpointed the man's position in the crowd Corbishley felt a little happier. He was a great believer in the old aphorism 'know thine enemy' and at least he knew now from where the man was standing that he was dealing with an experienced heckler. The interrupter's location in this particular quarter of the group came as no great surprise

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