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John Bude

Two Ends to the Town

Macdonald 1955
Dustwrapper artwork by H. Johns

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Two Ends to the Town by John Bude

John Bude    

Two Ends to the Town
by John Bude

When a body is washed up near the pier at Langbourne, a south-coast watering-place, the police realise at once that death was not due to drowning. Murder is suspected. But if murder... who?... when?.. .where? Two Ends to the Townó-but at which end lies the solution to the problem facing Inspector Sherwood of the Borough Police? In the highly-respectable residential district of St. Heliers, or down in the Old Town among the second-rate cafess cheap dance-halls and pin-table saloons? In his latest novel John Bude not only captures the desolate, down-at-heel atmosphere of a seaside town during the off-season, but from the first page rouses your interest in his characters. The contrast between the conventional chapel-going Blagdons and the down-town gang of petty criminals is vividly and convincingly drawn. As the story unfolds the suspense is never allowed to flag. The action quickens and the tension mounts until the moment when the truth finally emerges.

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