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John Bude

So Much in the Dark

Macdonald 1954

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John Bude

Two figures in the lighted window of a riverside bungalow, a man watching in the mist, two shots in the dark, and a car racing wildly through the night. These were some of the circumstances attendant upon the sudden and violent death of Mrs. Clifford; wayward wife of the intensely respectable manager of one of Mainford's best known stores. A shocking business; yet one which might have lived and died in the headlines of the local paper but for a number of factors which indicated that this was no ordinary smalltown tragedy. Were there things in the lives of certain other Main-ford citizens which might not bear the cold light of investigation? "John Bude", wrote Mr. Laurence Meynell in a review of When The Case Was Opened, "thoroughly understands the two-fold business of writing a sound mystery story; and he is adept at, first of all, thinking up a good crime

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