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John Bude

The Night the Fog Came Down

Macdonald 1958
Dustwrapper artwork by Sandford

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The Night the Fog Came Down by John Bude

John Bude    

Two Ends to the Town
by John Bude

Why should the aged and bedridden Mrs. Arkwright disappear? Only charities would benefit under her will, there were no valuables in the house, and nothing was missing— except Mrs. Arkwright herself. This was Inspector Taunton's problem. The further he looked into it the more puzzling it became, and before he solved it a good many people had come under his eye. There was, for example, the Polish bricklayer with his expensive new motor-bike; Edgar Cheal, his employer, nearly bankrupt and estranged from his wife and son; there was Larry, small-time crook just out of gaol, and Effie, his erstwhile girl-friend whose drunken father threatened murder because she was 'in trouble*. John Bude fits them all into the pattern of his ingenious and . intriguing novel of crime in a South London suburb on the night the fog came down.

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