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H.C. Bailey

The Red castle

Published by Ward Lock in 1932
Jacket design unknown

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IN the streets round Covent Garden Market there are not now many buildings which look as if any-one lived in them. To the old house filled by the offices of Clunk and Clunk the innocent still sometimes come asking for bed and board. The double name on its brass plate has been almost polished away, it may well deceive those whose desire is for a lodging-house dowdy but cheap and eminently discreet. The grained door is kept shut, the doorsteps are freshly white with hearthstone, in the basement is visibly a kitchen, all the windows have close, dark curtains. Mr. Joshua Clunk's nature craves things homely. The members of his profession will tell you that not many of the innocent ever rang the bell of Clunk and Clunk. No solicitor has won a larger confidence from the criminal class. than Mr. Clunk, and it has been deserved. The ugliest rascal could always depend upon Josh Clunk to put up a fight for him, and if not to get him off at least to make things nasty for the police. Judges denounced Mr. Clunk from the bench and in private prayed to have some day the trying of him. The clubs often heard that the Public Prosecutor was

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