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This Anne Perry bibliography or checklist includes the crime and mystery novels.
TP = Thomas Pitt and WM = William Monk

US editions are listed when the significantly precede the English publication.
Generally speaking American books precede the English editions
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Cater Street Hangman Robert Hale 1979 TP: Purple cloth, gilt. Dust Jacket 5.50
Callander Square Robert Hale 1980 TP
Paragon Walk St Martin's 1981 TP: UK 2002 Severn House
Resurrection Row St Martin's 1981 TP: UK 2001 Severn House
Rutland Place St Martin's 1983 TP: UK edition 2001 Harper Colins
Bluegate Fields St Martin's 1984 TP: UK 1992 Souvenir Press
Death in the Devil's Acre St Martin's 1985 TP: UK 1991 Souvenir
Black cloth, silver titles. Jacket 12.95
Cardington Crescent St Martin's 1987 TP: UK: 1990 Souvenir
Silence in Hanover Close Souvenir Press 1989 TP
The Face of a Stranger Fawcett 1990 WM: UK 1993 Headline
Bethlehem Road Souvenir Press 1991 TP
A Dangerous Mourning Fawcett 1991 WM: UK 1994 Headline
Highgate Rise Souvenir Press 1992 TP
Defend and Betray Fawcett 1992 WM: UK Headline 1994
Belgrave Square Souvenir Press 1993 TP
A Sudden, Fearful Death Headline 1993 WM
Farriers' Lane Collins Crime 1994 TP
The Sins of the Wolf Headline 1994 WM
The Hyde Park Headsman Collins Crime 1995 TP
Cain His Brother Headline 1995 WM
Traitors' Gate Collins Crime 1996 TP
Weighed in the Balance Headline 1996 WM
Pentecost Alley Collins 1997 TP
The Whited Sepulchres Headline 1997 WM
Ashworth Hall Collins 1998 TP
The Silent Cry Headline 1998 WM: British Library lists 1997 and 1998
Brunswick Gardens Collins 1999 TP
Bedford Square Headline 1999 TP
The Twisted Root headline 1999 WM
Half Moon Street Headline 2000 TP
Slaves of Obsession As Above 2000 WM
The Whitechapel Conspiracy Headline 2001 TP
A Funeral in Blue Headline 2001 WM
Southampton Row Headline 2002 TP
Death of a Stranger Headline 2002 WM
Seven Dials Headline 2003 TP
The Shifting Tide headline 2004 WM
Long Spoon Lane Headline 2005 TP
Dark Assassin Headline 2006 WM
Buckingham Palace Gardens Headline 2008 TP
Execution Dock Headline 2009 WM
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Further Information - Anne Perry Biography
The author was born in 1938 and lived in London as well as California and Suffolk.
This bibliography has been something of a nightmare. Publication date disparities between the English and American editions plus the British Library, of which I've spent most of the morning searching, is listing a lot of later paperback editions ! When more than one title was published in the same year we cannot guarantee chronology. But chronology IS correct in terms of the series characters and their relevant publications

 Collectors are only too well aware of the scarcity of some of the authors English first editions, especially so in nice condition with original dust jackets. The first book, The Cater Street Hangman, is extremely collectable and much sought after. I believe that Anne Perry herself does not have a first edition ! Small British print runs are the reason, US editions are relatively easy to find. Here in the UK large portions of the print run also went to public libraries. The British books also have issues with paper tanning due to poor quality paper stock - makes truly fine copies all but impossible in regard of the earlier titles. 


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