Anne Perry

The Cater Street Hangman

Published By Robert Hale in 1979
Wrapper artist: Barbara Walton

Anne Perry - The Cater Street Hangman

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Sample from Anne Perry's The Cater Street Hangman
Charlotte Ellison stood in the centre of the withdrawing room, the newspaper in her hand. Her father had been very lax in leaving it on the side table. He disapproved of her reading such things, preferring to tell her such matters of interest as he felt suitable for young ladies to know. And this excluded all scandal, personal or political, all matters of a controversial nature, and naturally all crime of any sort: in fact just about everything that was interesting! All of which meant that since Charlotte had to obtain her newspapers from the pantry where the butler, Maddock, put them for his own reading before throwing them out, she was always at least a day behind the rest of London. However, this was today's paper, 20 April 1881, and the most arresting news was the death the day before of Mr. Disraeli. Her first thought was to wonder how Mr. Gladstone felt. Did he fee! any sense of loss? Was a great enemy as much a part of a man's life as a great friend? Surely it must be. It must be the cross thread in the fabric of emotions. There were footsteps in the hall and she put the paper away quickly. She had not forgotten her father's fury when he had found her reading an evening journal three years ago. Of course, then it had been about the libel case between Mr. Whistler

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