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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Without Virtue Brown Watson 1950
Just Like a Dame Brown Watson 1950 Cover artist J. Pollack
I like my Women Tough Brown Watson 1950
Floosie Yakes a Fall Brown Watson 1952
Dames are Welcome Instructive Arts 1952
Don't sell Me Cheap ! Brown Watson 1952
Double Trouble Brown Watson 1952
Floosie Passes By Brown Watson 1952
Floosie on the Spot Brown Watson 1952
Floosie Goes Astray Brown Watson 1952
No Time to Wait ! Brown Watson 1952
Softly Softly Brown Watson 1952
Street of Desire Brown Watson 1952
Redheads Never Regret Brown Watson 1952
Women that are Lost Brown Watson 1952
French for Floosie ? ? Not in the British Library et al
Pay Up or Die ? ? Not in the British Library et al
The Devil is a Skirt ? ? Not in the British Library et al
Beauty was her Bait ? ? Not in the British Library et al

Cover Artist: J. Pollack

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Walter Standish Author Biography - Information About the Author
Walter Standish was labelled as "America's Ace Writer" even though he seemingly had no books published in America re the Library of Congress!
The byline was a publisher trick, well used during the period it has to be said, for what was usually a pseudonym or house name for several authors. We've been unable to pin down any information on Walter Standish, the British Library states nothing and we can't find reference to the name in copyright catalogues.
We've listed all the books in order relative to their entry listings in the British Library catalogue.
At the end of this Walter Standish bibliography you'll see some other titles we've found via other resources so we present this as a comprehensive list of books but don't claim it to be a complete list, there could well be another book or two out there not listed above so if you do know of one please do let us know.
All of the books on this page are rare, even online, and are sought after by book collecotrs, not least for their evocative period cover artwork.

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