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Walter S. Masterman Bibliography

UK & US First Edition Books in Order

Walter S. Masterman Series Character: Sir Arthur Sinclair

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Wrong Letter Methuen & Co 1926 US: Dutton 1926
The Curse of the Reckaviles 1927 US: Dutton 1927
Reprinted 1934 as The Crime of the Reckaviles
2LO Victor Gollancz 1928 US: Dutton 1928
Reprinted Newnes 1935 as Blood on the Floor
The Green Toad Victor Gollancz 1928 Reprinted by George Newnes in 1935
US: Dutton 1929
The Yellow Mistletoe Jarrolds 1930 American book: Dutton 1930
The Tangle Jarrolds 1931 No American edition
The Mystery of Fifty-Two Jarrolds 1931 US book: E.P. Dutton & Co 1931
Murder Beacon Sampson Low & Co 1932 by L.P. Greene in collabortation with W.S. Masterman
Not listed in Hubin
Reprinted by Mellifont Press in 1949
The Flying Beast Jarrolds 1932 US book: E.P. Dutton & Co 1932
The Nameless Crime Jarrolds 1932 US: Dutton 1932
The Baddington Horror Jarrolds 1934 US: Dutton 1934
The Rose of Death Methuen & Co 1934 US: Dutton 1936
The Perjured Alibi Methuen 1935 US: New York : E.P. Dutton, 1935
Death Turns Traitor Methuen & Co 1935 US: Dutton 1936
The Bloodhounds Bay Jarrolds 1936 US: Dutton 1936
The Avenger Strikes Jarrolds 1936 US: Dutton 1937
The Border Line Jarrolds 1936 US: New York : Dutton, 1937
The Wrong Verdict Jarrolds 1937 US: Dutton 1938
The Secret of the Downs Jarrolds 1938 US: Dutton 1939
The Hunted Man Jarrolds 1938 US: Dutton 1938
The Hooded Monster Jarrolds 1939 No American book
The Curse of Cantire Jarrolds 1939 No USA publication
Back From the Grave Jarrolds 1940 Not published in America
The Death Coins Jarrolds 1940 A Sir Arthur Sinclair mystery
Not published in America
The Silver Leopard Jarrolds 1941 No US book
The Man without a Head Jarrolds 1942 Only published in Britain

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Walter S. Masterman Author Biography - Information About the Author
Walter S. Masterman was born in 1876 and died in 1946 according to records in the British Library.
UK books precede the American editions inall cases, American books are noted in the bibliography when applicable.
This list of books contains every entry held by the British Library and the Bodleian in Oxford et al, so it shoudl be a complete list of W.S. Masterman's books - the order (when more than one book published in a year) is as per the British Library catalogue.
The UK first edition books in dust jacket are rare, we've handled only a few. American editions in jacket do turn up more often, due to larger print runs, but are still far form common.
Readers will find some early Hutchinson paperbacks at more reasonable prices but even they are not easy to find. Some of the books have been rep[rinted more recently by Ramble House publishers.

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