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Edgar Wallace

The Devil Man

Collins Crime Club 1931
Dustwrapper artwork by V Asta

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V Asta     Edgar Wallace

AFTER, EDGAR WALLACE, who has surely done more than any one to disptove the old adage, " Truth is stranger than, fiction," has, in The Devil Man, gone to truth for his subject. In Charles Peace he had the perfect central character for a novel, so around this weird personality Mr. Wallace has woven a story as thrilling as his most breathless thriller and as mysterious as his most baffling mystery. The name " Charles Peace " has become almost a household word; to whisper it after dark is to start a horde of -wild imaginings—ill-lit alleys ; shrouded figures under misty lamps; footsteps in an empty house—all that makes the flesh creep and the hair stand on end; but of Peace himscJf we have no clear picture. Edgar Wallace resurrects him m The Devil Man, and shows us Peace as he was—-a repulsive creature to look upon; a colossal braggart; a gifted musician; a murderer—a dwarf in stature and a Samson in strength ; the perfect burglar; and a man with an irresistible attraction for women. In this book Mr. Wallace does more than merely thrill; he adds yet another memorable portrait to the picture gallery of crime.

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