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Victor Gunn Series Characters:
Chief Inspector Bill Cromwell and Sergeant Johnny Lister

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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See also the pseudonyms Berkeley Gray and Edwy Searles Brooks

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Footsteps of Death Collins 1939 ECB lists only Oct 40 4/- edition
Ironsides of the Yard Rest Same 1940 Apr 40. Dust jacket 7/6
Ironsides Smashes Through   1940 Oct 40. Dust jacket 7/6. Artwork by Stead
Ironsides Lone Hand   1941 May 41. Dust cover 7/6
Death's Doorway   1941 Nov 41. Dustwrapper 7/6
Mad Hatter's Rock   1942 Dust jacket 7/6
Ironsides Sees Red   1943 First edition is 7/6. ECB lists only Jan 45 4/6 edition
The Dead Man Laughs   1944 Purple/silver. DJ 7/6. Artwork by Jack Matthew
Nice Day for a Murder   1945 Apr 45. Dust jacket 8/6
Ironsides Smells Blood   April 1946 Dust jacket 8/6
Death on Shivering Sand   1946 Dust jacket 8/6
ECB says released Jan 47
Three Dates with Death   Oct 1947 Dust jacket 8/6
Ironsides on the Spot   1948 Purple cloth, silver titles.DJ 8/6
Road to Murder   Jan 1949 Dust jacket 8/6
Dead Man's Warning   Sept 1949 Dust jacket 8/6
Alias the Hangman   1950 Dust jacket 8/6
The Borgia Head Mystery   1951  
Murder on Ice   1951 Dustwrapper 8/6
The Body Vanishes   1952  
Death Comes Laughing   1952  
The Whistling Key   1953  
The Crippled Canary   1954  
The Crooked Staircase   1954  
The Laughing Grave   1955  
The Painted Dog   1955  
Dead Men's Bells   1956  
The Golden Monkey   1957  
Castle Dangerous   1957  
Ironsides Sees Red   1957  
The 64 Thousand Murder   1958  
the Treble Chance Murder   1958 Dustwrapper artwork by William Randell. 10/6
Dead in a Ditch Collins 1958 Dust jacket artwork by William Randell
The Next One to Die   1959  
Death at Traitors Gate   1960  
Death on Bodmin Moor   1960  
Devil in the Maze   1961  
Sweet Smelling Death   1961  
All Change for Murder   1962  
The Body in the Boot   1963  
Murder with a Kiss   1963 Dust jacket priced 12s.
Murder at the Motel   1964 Purple/silver. Artwork by Barbara Walton
The Black Cap Murder   1965  
Murder on Whispering Sands   1965  
The Petticoat Lane Murders   1966  

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Further Information
Victor Gunn, real name Edwy Searles Brooks, was an extremely prolific author who also wrote as Berkeley Gray and wrote Sexton Blake stories under his own name.

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