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John Trench

Docken Dead

Macdonald 1953
Dustwrapper artwork by Broom Lynne

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John Trench     Broom Lynne

Major Docken alive had been a disagreeable sort of: man, but Docken dead with a bullet in his back was a headacheJ Shortly after his death the top secret ariti-tank gun that had been in his charge was daringly stolen, which made things confoundedly awkward for Captain John Little, Docken's successor as O.C. gun. Into this military maelstrom stepped Martin Cotterell, a professional archaeologist, nothing daunted by the discovery that digging up the past is not nearly so tricky as playing detective (especially when both the civil and military authorities persist in treating you as a meddling amateur!). But there were certain questions that just had to be answered. Had a village girl really seen a green man in the middle of Yorkshire? What was the role of that eccentric landowner, Sir Reginald Seldom, and his oddly equivocal agent? And why would King Arthur keep on cropping up? There were reasons for everything, and John Trench reveals them with methods well contrived and constantly entertaining. Docken Dead marks the debut of a noteworthy recruit to the select English school of mystery novelists who couple criminology with palatable erudition and a sly native wit.

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