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Phoebe Atwood Taylor

Figure Away

Collins Crime Club 1938
Outstanding jacket artwork by Alex Jardine

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Sample - Phoebe Atwood Taylor - Figure Away
"You listen to me, Asey!" Between each word Weston Mayhew paused and banged the top of his desk. " You listen, Asey Mayo! This is important! You've got The rest of his sentence dissolved into the vast miscellany of noises which for days had been enveloping the Town Hall of Billingsford. Listening impartially to the sum total of din, Asey found it difficult to dissect the individual elements. But in a general way, it all began in front of the Hall's viciously Colonial entrance, where a score of men pounded professionally at a nearly completed grandstand. It gained somewhat down in the Women's Club Parlour, whose walls were gradually disappearing under miles of bunting and crep6 paper and carpet tacks. Real volume came from the assembly hall, where the moans of vacuum cleaners and floor-waxing machines competed with the practice swings of Up John's Merrymakers, hacking away at a popular tune. Everything came to a head outside the selectmen's office. There the dauntless soprano, imported especially from Boston, rehearsed " Billingsford Beautiful " with forty members of the Grange chorus. There were of course other noises, but Asey lacked the spirit to delve into them.

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