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The following bibliography / checklist contains the criminous titles
US editions precede the British publication.
Most of the Robert Hale print runs, went, as usual, to Public Libraries. 

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Buy Books by Susan Morrow

Buy Books by Susan Morrow

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder May Follow Doubleday 1959 UK: 1960 Collins Crime Club
Dust jacket priced 10s 6d
The Rules of the Game Doubleday 1964 UK: 1964 Robert Hale
The Moonlighters Doubleday 1966 UK: 1967 Robert Hale
The Insiders Doubleday 1967 UUK: 1967 Robert Hale
Dancing with a Tiger Doubleday 1968 UK: 1969 Robert Hale
A Season of Evil Doubleday 1969 No UK edition listed at British Library

Dust Jacket Artist: William Randell

Tim stranger was always there. Waiting for her to leave her apartment, standing outside the restaurant, loitering, trailing her as she Iris or interior decorating business. Elizabeth Weller, so attractive and outwardly so calm didn't strike Lieutenant Condon as an hysterical neurotic and hq had a shrewd idea wino lice shadow was. But Seth Condon's first investigations seemed to trigger off a sequence of terrifying events which put Elizabeth in danger and which conic to a brad when the sodden corpse of a man was taken from San Francisco Bay a man Elizabeth thought she had seen before, though she couldn't remember where or when. Step by step Seth Condon put together the pieces of the case which was suddenly to come to such a grip-ping and stormy finish and which make Murder May Follow, Susan Morrow's first book, an exciting and fascinating blend of Detective Story and Thriller.

Susan Morrow Biography
The only information I have about this author is that Morrow lived in New York and died in 1975


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