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SH Courtier
Series Characters Inspector Digger Haig - Ambrose Mahon

The following bibliography contains only the criminous titles of Sidney Hobson Courtier
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Glass Spear Dakers 1952  
One Cried Murder Hammond 1956 red cloth, yellow lettering
Come Back to Murder Hammond 1957  
Now Seek My Bones Hammond 1957  
A Shroud for Unlac Hammond 1958  
Death in Dream Time Hammond 1959 red cloth, yellow lettering
Gently Dust the Corpse Hammond 1960 red cloth, yellow lettering
Let the Man Die Hammond 1961  
Swing High Sweet Murder Hammond 1962  
Who Dies for Me ? Hammond 1962  
A Corpse Won't Sing Hammond 1964  
Mimic a Murderer Hammond 1964  
The Ringnecker Hammond 1965  
A Corpse at Least Hammond 1966  
Murder's Burning Hammond 1967  
See Who's Dying Hammond 1967  
No Obelisk for Emily Jenkins 1970  
Ligny's Lake Hale 1971  
Some Village Borgia Hale 1971  
Dead if I Remember Hale 1972  
Listen to the Mocking Bird Hale 1974  
A Window in Chungking Hale 1975

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