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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Qualified Adventurer Hutchinson 1922  
Puppets of Fate Hutchinson 1922  
That Fellow Macarthur Hutchinson 1923  
The King's Red-Haired Girl Hutchinson 1923  
Golden Eyes Harrap 1924 Jacket priced 7/6
Rogues and Diamonds Harrap 1925 DW 7/6
Snaggletooth Harrap 1926 DW 7/6
The Death Gong Harrap 1927 DW 7/6
Love and Helen Harrap 1928 DW 7/6
Tiger Dawn Hodder 1929 DW 7/6
I Met Murder Hodder 1930 DW 7/6
Rabbit's Paw Hodder 1932 DW 7/6
Heads and Tails Jarrolds 1933 with Michael Joseph. DJ 7/6
Love in Peril Mellifont 1934 Not in ECB
The Wise Fool Mellifont 1934 Not in ECB
Keep Murder Quiet Joseph 1940 DW 8/-
Man Running Macdonald 1948 Jacket priced 7/6
Riviera Love Story Mellifont 1948 Not in the English Catalogue of Books
Tempering Steel Mellifont 1949 Not in the English Catalogue of Books
The Golden Dart Macdonald 1949 Jacket priced 8/6
The Hungry Spider Macdonald 1951 US precedes
Man Dead Collins 1951  
The Black Italian Collins 1954  
The Assassin Collins 1956  
A Noise in the Night Davis 1957  
The Laughing Fish Davis 1960  
Fear in the Wind Allen 1964  
The Third Possibility Allen 1965  
The Angry Millionaire Macmillan 1969 US precedes
Letter to a Dead Girl Macmillan 1971 No US edition

Further Information
Selwyn Jepson, whose father was the author Edgar Jepson, was born in London in 1899. As well as the books listed above he also wrote plays for stage, screen, radio and television. He had two series characters, Eve Gill and Ian MacArthur. His finest book is Keep Murder Quiet, based on a variation of the Hamlet story. There are also five known uncollected short stories.


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